From silk history

Some words about exclusively silk.

      When silk was first discovered, it was reserved exclusively for the use of the ruler. It was permitted only to the emperor, his close relations and the very highest of his dignitaries. Within the palace, the emperor is believed to have worn a robe of white silk; outside, he, his principal wife, and the heir to the throne wore yellow, the color of the earth.

  Gradually the various classes of society began wearing tunics of silk, and silk came into more general use. As well as being used for clothing and decoration, silk was quite quickly put to industrial use by the Chinese. This was something which happened in the West only in modern times. Silk, indeed, rapidly became one of the principal elements of the Chinese economy. Silk was used for musical instruments, fishing-lines, bowstrings, bonds of all kinds, and even rag paper, the word's first luxury paper. Eventually even the common people were able to wear garments of silk.
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Today everyone can aford silk garments. It is still luxurious material - lot of cloth designers like and use it.
On Etsy you can find silk cloth accesories and hand painted silk garments around the world.
Here are some of them!

Take a look.

dress by Artlab

hand painted dress by ChicComplement

Wonderfull mandala art by Fiona on her Etsy shop

Silk scarf by MuseSilkPainting

Silk scarf by SilkShop

Men tie by Chiffonart

Silk scarf by Me

More Hand painted silks you might like on Silk painters gallery from around the world.

Whish yoyu nice trip to the world of Silk Stories!


Monday moodboard

This monday moodboard inspirid by lilac blossom on the yard. I have to share it with you!

These wonderfull items by etsy members reflect my mood today!
Wish you good week.
1.Earrings by GlassRiverJewelry  2. Bobby Pins by JujaCrafts
3. Necklace by Smilge 4. Flowers by Ziemabir
5. Pettiskirt byLollipros 6. Bracelet by DreamsFactory
7. Felted slippers by ing00te

Lilac - solidarity color.