Silk scarves in Etsy shops.

Hand painted or hand dyed silk scarves

If you like silk scarves - you know how great it is to have these luxury wrapped around your neck.
I found some really lovely different styles of hand painted or hand dyed silk scarves shops in Etsy and want to share them with you.
Unique scarf on chiffon silk with lovely orange and brown colors combination by TanjaDesign

Lovely color combination chosen in this scarf by Silk Home

Interesting hand painted silk scarf with dragon flies on by dragonfly1760  
Always interesting decisions on silk by Morgan Silk

And this is only few of colleges who do nice work on silk scarves.

You can easily find them more on Etsy with tags silk scarf hand painted!


Weekend walk

One lovely weekend day I spent with my family and lovely granddaughter in train station as she adore trains. It happens not so often - but I love these moments - it gives me joy of life, I cherish every second of those walks.

We were waiting for train coming and blowing some soap bubbles :) I was lucky because my little Sun shared some bubbles even if she like blow them by herself very much. If you feel sad sometimes TRY to have fun in such a way.

She was catching them and dancing.

Than she was seriously analysing train coming, I was surprised how important to her this moment is.

After trains atraction - we spent some time in wonderful our park. Some time in nature inspiring me for my art works, I have opportunity to find new motives, colors, backgrounds.

Just walking and breathing fresh autumn air also good experience.
Wish you to have good time in nature at least once a week. It will fill you with good energy and will provide you with motivation for any works..
With love...


Painting on silk

 Painting on silk
One day I asked my husband to take some photos of me working - the result this little photo story.
This is my little studio. In fact it is place on my kitchen oak table.

My modest silk dyes collection. I have main colors that I mix in various ways - if I need something special. 
Almost all colors on my silk paintings are mixed, only sometimes I use pure dyes, it determines the identity of my work.

My  MUSA and the guardian of good energy in my works during all painting process.

I paint on silk which is mounted on  wooden frame, handmade by my husband Bronius.

Often I work without any real sketches - they are inside me. I just took contour and draw the lines on pure white silk. Then mold the dyes. 
Fragment of this art piece:

At the end of painting hole scarf looks like this:

When painting is over -I have to iron silk scarf for half an hour, then taking some photos for listing it on Etsy.

This scarf was sold after couple days being on my Etsy store