Charm for monday

                                               It is good to have some protect from trouble on monday...

I.Brooch - Antique charm by GLobusyte
II. Steampunk Gothic Cuff Watch by Aranwen
III. Tribal burned wood pendant by Andaja
IV. Earrings - Sterling silver - Lantern charm by Huismus
V. Sterling Silver Oxidized ROSES Handmade Earrings by Rosemarymanufacture
VI. Hand made Sterling silver wire and brass ring by gufobardo

I have my amulet already. Do you?
If you would like to know more about history of charms,amulets,talismans - just press Here

Have a good spirit day!


Dazzling spring with soft touch.

I've painted this scarf in the middle of march-when spring starts to wake the earth. Floral motives in lilac and brown just start to rise up. Little bit of blue symbol of starting to flow water.The magic of birth after long winter comes out..


Featured on Etsy FP!

I was featured on Etsy FP last night! Thanks to Etsy.
This one Rainy silk painting became a part of European pics by Etsy.


Wellcome to Euro week on www.Etsy.com !

Hello to everyone! Visit Etsy.com to find something unique made by europe crafters and artists!! Europe crafters shops you can find here

Few unique listings from European crafters on Etsy:

1. Unique necklace by babinka1981
2. Handblown angel bottle by evihan
3. Nuno felted top by vilte
4. Swarovsky crystal bridal earrings by rosemarymanufacture
5. Eco slippers,felted from sheep wool bying00te