Blue is the colour

Blue is the colour of the sea. It is the colour of relaxation and reverie. It is the colour of melancholy, it’s true, but blue is one of the most beautiful colours of all. Because blue also stands for the sky, the space, freedom, dreams, romance, pain and hope.

                                            Indescribably beautiful print by CassiaBeck

Whether you are at the seaside reading a book or if you are at home staring at the computer screen, when you come across the word 'sea', it gives you a very special feeling. You can hear it, smell it, see the blue... I was just wondering how the sea affects people, and I realized that the sea has a very relaxing and dreamy effect, it transports you to another place. A place, where no one can disturb you, where you are alone and truly yourself.

(Picture taken by my daughter at the seaside in Palanga, Lithuania)

Today I just felt the need to share some wonderful artworks that I came across and hopefully you will be as inspired by them as I was.


I could look at this forever, it's just so relaxing. It makes me remember things that have been long forgotten, it brings me back to my dreams and wishes that did and didn't come true...

                     Inspirational - 'The So Very Decadent Sea Pearl Ship Hat' by zaracarpenter

I just love this hat! I imagine wearing something like that for a birhtday or some other important occasion. My daughter suggested that she would want a hat like that for her graduation ball. We'll see... It would definitely suit a sophisticated beach party!

This hat is very stylish and beautiful. Such tiny things as this top hat can be perfect accents to a subtle yet classy outfit.

As the name suggests, you can probably use it to keep all the seashells you've collected at the seaside! Lovely.

I hope you enjoy a dreamy moment and I wish you all a lovely day. Don't forget to wear something blue today, or put some blue eyeshadow, or paint your nails in blue, or even listen to some blues.
'Blue is the colour of the sky in summertime', sings Nina Simone in her song 'Beautiful Land'.

Blue is the colour of love - to dream, to hope, to imagine...


All items featured in this entry can be found and purchased on Etsy.com 

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