Weekend walk

One lovely weekend day I spent with my family and lovely granddaughter in train station as she adore trains. It happens not so often - but I love these moments - it gives me joy of life, I cherish every second of those walks.

We were waiting for train coming and blowing some soap bubbles :) I was lucky because my little Sun shared some bubbles even if she like blow them by herself very much. If you feel sad sometimes TRY to have fun in such a way.

She was catching them and dancing.

Than she was seriously analysing train coming, I was surprised how important to her this moment is.

After trains atraction - we spent some time in wonderful our park. Some time in nature inspiring me for my art works, I have opportunity to find new motives, colors, backgrounds.

Just walking and breathing fresh autumn air also good experience.
Wish you to have good time in nature at least once a week. It will fill you with good energy and will provide you with motivation for any works..
With love...

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  1. Lovely day, lovely moments, thank you for sharing the bliss!